Voice Lessons Policies and Pricing

Make-up Lessons

If a student is ill, I wish to be notified as soon as it is convenient so that a lesson change can be made.  If there is a general conflict I need to know a week or two in advance because often a lesson switch can be arranged.  Failure to notify me 24 hours prior to the lesson missed after the first time will result in a charged lesson, except in the case of an emergency.  All lessons missed due to scheduling conflicts for the student or me will be made up at an agreeable time.


Nearly all lessons taught in my studio are one hour.  In those cases where a lesson time of that length would be unsuitable - vocal rehabilitation clients, young students - the 1/2 hour lesson fee will apply. 

     $100 - 90 minutes

     $65 - hour

​     $55 - 45 minutes

     $45 - 1/2 hour


Most students find it convenient to pay by check at each lesson, or at the beginning of each month.  If this is the case for you, please make out the checks to ANDREW BARRETT.

I accept PayPal below. Though it is convenient, PayPal is not free. If you choose to use PayPal, you agree to pay the fee associated. However, if you book and pay for four lessons through PayPal, I waive the fee!

​30-Minute Options

One 30-minute lesson via PayPal, with an added charge, for a total fee of $47.

Two 30-minute lessons via PayPal, with added charge the fee is $93.

Four 30-minute lessons, (FEE WAIVED) the fee is $180.

​45-Minute Options

One 45-minute lesson, with an added charge, for a total fee of $57.50.

Two 45-minute
 lessons via PayPal, the fee is $115

Four 45-minute lessons, (FEE WAIVED) the fee is $220.

​Five 45-minute lessons, (PayPal FEE WAIVED)

and receive a 10% discount, the fee is $247.50.

One-Hour Options

One-hour lesson, with an added charge, for a total fee of $68.

Two one-hour lessons via PayPal, the fee is $136

Four one-hour lessons, with no PayPal, the total is $260.

90-Minute Options (PayPal Fee Waived)

Pay for ONE 90-Minute Session Here, for $100:

Pay for TWO 90-Minute Sessions Here, for $200:

Pay for FOUR 90-Minute Sessions Here, for $400:

Music Purchases

From past experience, I have found that students and/or parents inquire about extra costs involved in the purchase of music.  Because of the costs of music, I try to use books whenever possible, as opposed to single song sheets.  Three pieces of sheet music often equal the cost of an entire book, yet from time to time sheets will be used because many songs are not included in book collections.  Until I am sure of the vocal range of a new student, I may use individual songs before deciding on definite books.  An estimate of music costs for each year of lessons would range from $50-$100 depending upon the progress, age, and ambition of the student.