Student Testimonials

"I find Dr. Barrett to be completely professional, extremely knowledgeable, unendingly patient, and enthusiastic.  He not only rehabbed my aging voice, but increased my formerly limited vocal range to a soprano.  This has been a very enjoyable collaboration.  The CD recordings of each lesson are a valuable bonus." --Charlotte

"I came to Dr. Barrett with a "lost" voice through a recommendation from a singer-friend. (I'd majored in voice at college).  I began lessons barely able to sing above "mid-range."  It took about six months of lessons and diligent practice for my voice to recover.  Gradually I gained back vocal range, better breath capacity and a tone quality which I found nearly unbelievable.  Andrew is patient and knowledgeable and, in my humble opinion, literally brought my voice back from the dead.  I highly recommend him." --Jonathan

"Andrew is a very patient and positive instructor.  He is able to pinpoint areas where vocal development is needed, and then prescribes just the right exercise to achieve the desired result.  He has helped me grow as a singer and taught me things I never knew about the voice!" --Linda

"Sometimes repairing the voice is more than just a quick fix.  But with his vast array of tools, and patient teaching, Andrew has slowly and patiently worked with my voice - not only bringing back what I could do "then" - but even moving me beyond.  Who knew this tenor could sing a High C?  Even in college, an A was the limit!  Each lesson brings a new opportunity to experience growth in skill and musicianship! --John...a tenor once again!

"I used to sing most comfortably in my lower register as an alto or mezzo-soprano.  Now that I am studying voice with Dr. Barrett, my vocal range has expanded at least one octave, if not more!  After years of singing and adapting to various choral or solo sounds inappropriately, it turns out I adopted habits that were not allowing me to sing in my full voice.  With brilliant metaphors and clear guidance, Andrew's instruction has now enabled me to sing with free and easy effort in choral, small ensemble and solo settings." --Kristi

"I always look forward to my lessons with Andrew.  He is always positive and works to help me improve, from wherever I am vocally." --David