My goal is to make beautiful music and create momentous events with your sound.  

As SINGERS, we want the voice to be free and unencumbered, ready to channel the emotional needs of the art. Because singing is an athletic event, it needs to be treated with the same serious attention as any other athletic endeavor.  Here you will learn methods that will dramatically improve your current vocal skills in an environment where you can grow as an artist.  As a teacher, my goals are to assist you in reaching your artistic goals. The process in my studio is to enable you, the artist, the freedom to express what you find in the music through technical mastery of the athleticism of singing; these are the primary areas of study. 

Technique, the coordination of the complex musculature involved in singing, is the focus of the work in the studio.  After the initial consultation I custom craft exercises for your voice.  These exercises are designed to capitalize on positions of strength - those things you already do well - and use them as a means to attack problem areas.  You will learn solid technical habits that provide the foundation for easy, enjoyable singing, for as long as you wish to sing! 

Artistry, the act of interpreting music, is a part of developing the technique.  Because music is the language of emotion, it is empty without emotional content.  Repertoire appropriate for your development is selected after a period of technical work, so that the music can be rewarding to sing.  You are the artist!

In these primary areas, I stick with one guiding principle: it is my job to articulate ideas in a way that you understand; it is not your job to translate what language I am speaking.  In other words, if there is ever anything you don't understand, it's my job to say it in a way that you do, not the other way around.

Contact me to begin the process of dramatically improving your current vocal skills, or to help you prepare for college and university auditions, as well as competitive and public singing events.  I will contact you shortly after receiving your contact information to set up your consultation!  In the meantime, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more specific information.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy as a teacher is to use an interdisciplinary approach to foster learning in individual students.  As a teacher I help students find their strengths and use that as a starting point for growth.  I teach freedom, efficiency and athleticism; the bel canto school of singing.

For beginners: the technical foundation and practical skills for growth.

For the experienced performer: tools to achieve the next level of mastery.

The voice studio is the home base of mastery in vocal performance.  I integrate technology and traditional techniques to foster comprehension and mastery without abandoning the traditional approach of one-on-one instruction in the studio environment.  Vocal exercises provide the backbone of sound vocal technique.  Audio and video recordings are used to provide concrete feedback to students.

My memberships in the various forums of my field - OperAmerica, NATS, MEA and ACDA - provide access to a constant stream of up-to-the-minute professional development.