That phrase has been the impetus for this project. Layering music inspired by these settings will transport the audience into yet another dimension, where visual and acoustic color dance and interact as the works of masters of the artist’s brush and the composer’s pen, sates the hunger of eyes and ears that yearn for something more - for a beauty and an experience that transcends the ordinary. While you are here on the site, take more than a few minutes to listen to some of the selections for the concert. (Please remember that these are for your enjoyment; please don't share them.) This is music that is exultant and uplifting, spiritual and intimate, appetizing and fulfilling. 

The artwork that inspires this project represents the magnum opus of the acknowledged master of scenic art, and Scottish Rite Mason, Thomas Gibbs Moses. This collection once hung in the Scottish Rite Temple in Fort Scott, Kansas, before being transferred to Minnesota, where it will be restored and stabilized so that it may be enjoyed for generations. The artwork itself is masterful, beautiful, and dramatic. Each scene represents a complete realization of a historic setting in three dimensions. Extraordinary detail and vibrant color inspire the viewer and transport them to another place. 

At the outset of this project, I had reason to believe that the drops and scenes I had chosen would be restored and hanging in the auditorium. Alas, for a variety of circumstances beyond my control, that is not to be the case. As unfortunate as this development is, it represents for us a great opportunity to enjoy a bit more liberty with the images that we have, utilizing digital projections rather than the actual scenic elements. This allows us to offer our audience a more detailed look at the artwork without them having to actually leave their seats. It also allows us to be more fluid in our scene changes, not having to rely on stage hands to raise and lower drops. A final consideration of this situation is that it will allow us to take this show on the road! Having a digital visual element means that we can bring this program, and others like it in the future, to venues around the region and across the state. It is a TERRIFIC position in which to find ourselves.

Being able to take the stunning visual setting afforded by this exemplary collection of period scenic art, and accompany it with music that is exemplary in content and performance is monumental gift that we have been given, and that we can share. It is my deepest belief that we engage in music to move others as well as ourselves, to enable us to engage the divine in all of us, and elevate our consciousness to the beauty that is. You really want to sing on this program!

Singers in Accord Masonic Heritage Center Concert.

February 11, 2017

Evocative scenery. Evocative music. Together, something even more.

  • Jerusalem2:45
  • Five Hebrew Love Songs: I. Temun? (A Picture)1:45
  • Five Hebrew Love Songs: II. Kal? Kall? (Light Bride)3:08
  • Five Hebrew Love Songs: III. L?rov (Mostly)0:58
  • Five Hebrew Love Songs: IV. ?yze Sh?leg! (What Snow!)2:06
  • Five Hebrew Love Songs: V. Rak?t (Tenderness)2:22
  • O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem6:38
  • Locus iste3:03
  • Quatre Motets: Tantum Ergo Sacramentum3:08
  • Ubi Caritas3:55
  • Serenity, "O magnum mysterium"5:18
  • I Sat Down Under His Shadow1:49
  • From Ode 14 the Odes of Solomon5:06
  • Arise, My Love6:33
  • I Go Among Trees5:49
  • Unicornis Captivator6:35